Consulting Services

Feasibility Structuring

· Market & Financial / Economic Studies
· Environmental Impact Studies (Ecology)
· Business & Project Conceptualization
· Operating & Administrative Structuring

Operating Advice

· Design of operation manuals
· Description of posts
· Development of quality systems and standards
· Selection and hiring of top-echelon executives
· Selection of hotel operators
· Counseling for working businesses
· Human resources optimization
Architecture & Engineering

· Architectural concept Pre-project
· Engineering calculus
· General Construction estimates
· Executive project


Hotel Quality Evaluation

· Guest satisfaction index
· Operating quality index
· Physical quality index
· Fulfillment of standards
· Impact cause identification
· Performance evaluation and recommendations



· Procurement of:
      o Institutional Credit
      o Syndicated finance & Coordination
      o Receivables financing
      o Letters of Credit
      o Collaterals
      o Institutional Risk Capital
· Financial Restructuring

Credit Resolutions

ASINTUR was certified by to carry out the analysis to
give the technical pre-resolution of those tourist projects it finances.
(This certification was granted to Only 4 firms nationwide).

  Commercial Strategies

· Flag selection & negotiation
· Target market identification strategy
· Selection & hiring of sales staff
· Sales staff training
· Link up to wholesalers